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Md. Firoj Ahmed
Message From Chairman   
At Alal Group innovation is the difference. It’s what drives everything we do, from developing products to fostering sustainability. Our innovations are enabling businesses and organizations to take advantage of the enormous opportunity of the application economy. Looking further ahead, we are anticipating new challenges and opportunities that are emerging, specifically those, around the future of this business. As we move forward, our employees around continue to work together as a global team. To help address this issue, we are committed to being the automotive leader in this business sector that communicates with each other and the world around them to improve the food chain of this country as well as the whole world. We have a great plan, outstanding leadership, and positive momentum. We are determined to keep going further so that we can continue rewarding our business partners, suppliers, and all of our customers.
Thank you for your continued support of our efforts.

Thanking You

Md. Alal Ahmed
Message From Managing Director 
Alal Group has been in the business of Animal Feeds, Poultry Feeds and Agricultural Commodities, since last more than 10 years, but this was at Regional Market level and Trading activities were carried out. We used to procure goods from the districts of all Over Bangladesh, and supplied to traders, Exporters and Manufacturers in all over Bangladesh. This helped us gain First Hand knowledge about the crops, such as production patterns, quality and supply and that is when we decided to set up office in Dhaka and get into the Export Trade.
We are engaged in various items including: Agro Commodities, Rice Bran Oil, and Poultry Feeds & Poultry Raw Materials.
As exclusive business company, we represent a number of companies.
We offer our clients the most comprehensive service possible.
In our company Management has a very lucid approach of evaluating opportunities and will take the necessary precautions and exercise prudence prior to allocating our customers.
I believe by focusing on customer satisfaction we assure the best quality and with the support of our customers we will go a long way in this business sector.

Thanking You
Managing Director

Md. Belal Ahmed
Message From Director 
Alal Group is poised to become a world leader in the here why: We have established key partnerships and associations. We have the best and brightest individuals in their respective fields as founders, corporate management and investors.
We have sought out and identified specific partners throughout the world with a linear strategy to help execute our aggressive growth objectives. By developing perspective of potential markets prior to initiation we are able to maximize our shareholders investment.
We at Alal Group feel that it is a wise business practice to have a management team with multiple skill sets that can be brought to bear for our customers benefit. By having the ability to react quickly and efficiently to industry developments we can also weather localized shifts in the market.

Thanking You