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Welcome to Alal Poultry & Fish Feed LTD.


Alal Group has been established in 1995 as a trading as well as a manufacturing company in Sherpur, Bogura. Our traditional business model is based on the accomplishment of our products in the agricultural and poultry sector in Bangladesh. Based on the decision of the company, we have now established this company in Dhaka. In the year 1997 We established Alal Enterprise as one of our sister concerns in Dhaka. After that we established our other sister concern’s Alal Poultry & Fish Feed Ltd. The Revenues of our companies are expected to be nearly 651,686,667.00 (app.) per month depending on the variables that are factored with investments in this business industry.

Alal Group is a Manufacturer, Importer, and exporter Company of Bangladesh located in Dhaka the capital city of Bangladesh since 1995. We have other factories outside Dhaka. Customer is our main satisfaction, which is the aim of our efforts. We are using modern technology for maximum customer satisfaction. Moreover, we never compromise with quality and innovativeness, with fish, poultry & cattle feed. Our marketing team in here provides the day-to-day marketing support updating data Base and their Professional Marketing Activities and the technical team always have a good relation with the our customers and other supporting team linked up with this organization always ready to complete the successful support as per customers requirement and We have a strong commitment to maintain its highest quality.

We are providing Poultry Feed:
Broiler Starter, Broiler Grower, Layer Starter, Layer Starter, Layer Grower, Layer Layer 1
We are providing Fish Feed:
Nursery all Fish Feed, Carp Starter, Carp Grower, Carp Finisher, Koi/Shing/Magur/Pabda/Gulsha Nursery, Koi/Shing/Magur/Gulsha/Pabda Pre-Starter, Koi/Shing/Magur/Pabda/Gulsha Starter, Koi/Shing/Magur/Pabda/Gulsha Grower, Pangas/Tilapia Starter, Pangas/Tilapia Grower, Pangas/Tilapia Finisher, Pangas/Tilapia/Carp Starter, Pangas/Tilapia/Carp Starter (Sulov), Pangas/Tilapia/Carp Grower. Pangas/Tilapia/Carp Starter Grower (Sulov), Pangas/Tilapia/Carp Starter Finisher, Pangas/Tilapia/Carp Starter Finisher (Sulov).
We are providing Cattle  Feed:
Milk More Super, Meat More Super, Cattle Fattening, Cattle Lactating, Cattle Dairy.

Quality and on time delivery has been the main trust of the company and thats why we have been continuously expanding our facilities. The company dedicates its utmost effort and time to ensure the control process, so as to consistently provide high quality feed products and services. The task of safeguarding quality is the responsibility of our team of technical quality controllers. Our goal is to achieve an end product that has no defects. The team works hard to check the different stages of the production process and will act immediately if any irregularities are found. Alal Group checks quality and accuracy among a set of parameters at each stage of the manufacturing process to assure consistency. Further, for the assurance of consistency on line production systems are applied. As a result, we always win qualified feed products, consistency and respects from the customers is our bonus.
At the end we will say we have very strong connection with Customers & Raw materials suppliers.. After a span of time we are now well established in our goal.